Common Sidewalk Issues to Keep an Eye On

NYC is a city always filled with people walking down the road to reach their workplaces. Most people, whether they are residents or tourists, prefer to use cheaper modes of communication.

Using sidewalks and walking to your destination is the most common way, as it not only saves you from getting stuck in traffic but also saves you a lot of money. As a large number of people use them daily, sidewalks must be in their best condition at all times.

Damage to these concrete pathways is a tripping hazard and leads to severe injuries. Fixing the deterioration on concrete surfaces adjacent to your property in NYC is your responsibility. But how do you identify whether your sidewalk is damaged or not?

In this article, we'll explore the typical issues sidewalks encounter, why it matters, and how you can address and prevent these problems. Whether you're a homeowner, a community member, or just curious about sidewalk maintenance, this guide will equip you with valuable insights to ensure safe and well-maintained walkways for everyone.

Common Problems with Sidewalks

Some common problems that your concrete sidewalks might experience due to extreme weather conditions, poor construction, tree root growth, and freeze-thaw cycles are mentioned below. Let us have a look at them.

Uneven Sidewalks

Unevenness in concrete slabs occurs for two reasons: soil erosion or the freeze-thaw cycle. If the sidewalks already have cracks or have poor drainage, water might seep and reach the soil. During winters, excessive moisture in the soil can freeze and raise the slabs above their normal level. Similarly, in spring and summer, this water defreezes and damages the soil compaction, leading to sinking in the soil and the concrete surface.

Cracks and Breaks

During summers and winters, concrete can expand or contract. Excessive pressure on the concrete because of temperature changes leads to crack formation. These cracks can be hairline, deep, in the shape of spider webs, or like alligator skin. Ignoring these cracks can lead to water pooling and can also create potholes on the surface.

Potholes in the Sidewalk

A major reason why potholes might occur on your property's sidewalks can be because of old age, the use of low-quality materials, or water damage. Potholes, if ignored, can become big with time and can lead to major trip hazards among pedestrians. For large holes in the concrete, it is also not a good option and requires a complete replacement. 

Poor Water Drainage

Poor drainage of water can lead to water pooling and cause soil erosion. Damage due to the drainage issue is not repairable and needs a complete replacement of the concrete structure.  Fixing drainage issues in a timely manner is essential to avoiding extensive damage to the complete sidewalk structures.

Tree Root Growth

Trees near the sidewalks can also damage them. Want to know why? Well, when tree roots don’t get enough nutrients and water from the soil, they grow upward to get the essentials. During their growth, they can damage the concrete surface and form cracks in the surface. Fixing tree root damage is the responsibility of NYC Parks and you can contact them for professional repairs.

Why Sidewalk Problems Shouldn't Be Ignored!

Ignoring sidewalk issues can lead to multiple problems and damage for residents and pedestrians. Here is why you must not ignore sidewalk problems.

  • Safety Hazards: Damaged sidewalks pose tripping hazards for pedestrians. Injured pedestrians can file a lawsuit for the injuries they sustain against the property owners.
  • Decreased Property Value: Damaged sidewalks look unappealing and decrease the resale value of the property.
  • DOT Violations: If the Department of Transportation notices damage to your sidewalks, they will send you a violation notice and you will have only 75 days to fix the violation.

Please have a look at the guide for landlords on how to efficiently prevent DOT sidewalk violations in NYC.

Tips to Stop Sidewalk Issues Before They Start

If you have recently installed new sidewalks or repaired old ones, you must follow some maintenance tips to make them durable. Here are some essential tips to follow:

  • Hire professional sidewalk contractors in NYC for regular sidewalk inspection
  • Keep your sidewalks clean from dust, debris, and other obstacles
  • Resurface the concrete every two to three years
  • Apply sealing to sidewalk after repairs
  • Fill in the gaps with epoxy sealing

If you notice major damage, like big potholes or deep cracks, trust the expertise of professionals for complete sidewalk replacement services.


Sidewalks are the most used concrete structure by pedestrians. It is why keeping it clean, safe, and functional at all times is essential. Maintaining sidewalks outside your property is your responsibility. You can either inspect and maintain them yourself or hire professional experts to maintain your sidewalks, which will be worth your money. So, find the best sidewalk contractor in NYC and get your sidewalks compliant with city codes.

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