Key Considerations When Hiring a Concrete Contractor


Concrete, with its versatility and durability, has become the preferred choice for various structural and decorative applications. From driveways and patios to floors and decorative projects like staining, concrete has gained immense popularity. 

As the demand for concrete work continues to rise, finding a reliable and skilled concrete contractor has become more challenging. Proper screening and certifications are crucial to avoid hiring an inexperienced residential concrete contractor who lacks the necessary expertise to deliver quality work. This guide aims to help you find a professional concrete contractor in Queens for your home project.

Scheduling Your Queens Sidewalk Repair Project

Scheduling your project is a crucial step in the hiring process. It's essential to ensure that both you and your chosen concrete contractor are available and can commit to the project timeline. If the best contractor for your needs is currently booked for several weeks or months in advance, consider delaying your project until their schedule aligns with your expectations.

Waiting for the right contractor with the necessary skills and experience is well worth it. Additionally, it's advisable to request that the concrete contractor put the estimated project timeline in writing. This written agreement helps everyone involved in the project to have a clear understanding of expectations and deadlines.

Identifying the Project Manager

Knowing who will be the project manager at your construction site is essential. It allows you to have a point of contact in case of issues or questions. You should also inquire whether the project manager plans to take any vacations during the project's anticipated timeline. If they do, you need to know who the alternate contact person will be during their absence.

Understanding the Importance of Permits

Obtaining the proper permits for any work on your property is crucial to ensuring compliance with local rules and regulations. This becomes especially important if you have any plans to sell the property in the future. It's the responsibility of your concrete contractor in Queens to secure the necessary permits.

The individual named on the permit is accountable for ensuring that all work performed meets the local building codes and standards. Your contractor should be the one held responsible for this task, as most business owners may not be familiar with all the requirements associated with concrete work. If the permit is in your name, you could be held liable if anything goes wrong during the project.

Always Choose a Commercial Concrete Contractor in Queens

Asking these essential questions will help you make an informed choice when hiring a commercial concrete contractor in Queens for your project. When you're ready to hire a contractor, reach out to us. We'll work with you to provide a free estimate for your project.

Several other factors should be considered as well, including the cause of the damage to existing concrete. If the damage resulted from weather conditions, tree roots, or misuse, there may be additional costs involved in preventing future damage. Additionally, expenses such as excavation or removal of existing concrete and the need for new base materials can increase the overall project cost.

Conversely, a seemingly complex project initially might take less time and cost less than initially estimated. Your concrete contractor should provide you with a detailed breakdown of costs, allowing you to understand what you're paying for and why.


Hiring a concrete contractor is a significant decision that impacts the success of your project. By considering the timing, project management, permits, and working with a skilled commercial concrete contractor in Queens, you can ensure a smooth and successful concrete project. Remember that clear communication and careful planning are key to achieving the results you desire.


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