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Concrete repair
Concrete repair

Services Offered by Our NYC Concrete Contractors

We provide affordable residential and commercial concrete repair services across New York City and its boroughs. Our services include:

Residential Concrete Services:

  • Concrete Resurfacing
  • Sidewalk Repair and Replacement
  • DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal
  • Driveway Maintenance and Installation
  • Patio and Paver Installation
  • Entry Steps and Stair Installation
  • Foundation Repair and Maintenance
  • Brick-pointing and Tuckpointing

Commercial Concrete Services:

  • Concrete Repair and Restoration
  • ADA-Compliant Commercial Sidewalk
  • Commercial DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal
  • Parking Lots and Garage Maintenance
  • Commercial Masonry Work
  • Retaining Wall Installation

Why Choose Us for Your Concrete Projects in NYC?

  • Licensed concrete repair contractors capable of attaining essential construction permits
  • 25+ years of experience, unique sets of skills, and training in using modern equipment
  • Familiar with changing weather conditions, city regulations, and local needs
  • Use premium-quality PSI 4500 concrete for all surfaces
  • NYC concrete repair contractors specialize in completing projects without unnecessary delays.
  • Prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering affordable services
  • No hidden charges, competitive pricing
  • Offer guarantees for all concrete projects

Our Service Areas

We serve in:
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providing concrete contractor services in the new york city and its broughs


We are offering a wide range of residential and commercial concrete services, from repairs and replacement of sidewalks and driveways to the installation of new patios and entry steps.

The average cost of concrete repair in NYC per square foot ranges from $8 to $18, but it can also vary depending on the type of service and material being used.

Yes, you need a construction permit for your concrete work in NYC. These permits are essential for regulating construction projects in accordance with city codes.

The duration of your concrete project depends on the type of service required, but with our experts, you can get quality services at the required time.

Yes, Eden Construction NY is the licensed contractor in NYC, providing high-quality services while abiding by city laws and regulations.

Yes, we offer a warranty on all of our concrete services and ensure lasting customer satisfaction.

Yes, we provide the references of our highly satisfied clients. You can take a look at the testimonials of our happy clients.

We only take cash for the services we provide in New York City and its broughs.

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