A Landlord's Guide to Prevent Sidewalk Violations in NYC

Sidewalk violations are common in New York. The city requires property owners to maintain the sidewalks adjacent to their properties. It includes snow/ice removal and sidewalk repair. 

Moreover, failing to get trip hazards like potholes and cracks repaired can cause injuries to pedestrians.

NYC sidewalk regulations every landlord should know

Landlords have to follow specific regulations regarding sidewalk maintenance and repair. Property owners should familiarize themselves with NYC sidewalk regulations to avoid legal consequences.

As per the Section 19-152 of New York City’s Administrative Code:

"NYC relies on property owners to maintain the sidewalk adjacent to their property, including repairs and removal of snow, ice, or debris. Property owners are responsible for installing, repairing and maintaining sidewalks adjoining their properties."

Here is what the NYC sidewalk regulations include:

  • Sidewalks should be free of any debris, ice, and snow.
  • Property owners have to follow the specifications of the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) for constructing, installing, repaving, repairing and reconstructing sidewalks at their own expense.
  • Landlords have to pay fines in case of disregarding violations.

Importance of sidewalk maintenance for property owners

Ensuring the sidewalks are in perfect condition is necessary. Here’s why:

Pedestrian safety

Cracks or uneven sidewalks are trip hazards that compromise pedestrian safety and cause injuries. As a property owner, pedestrians can sue you for failing to repair or maintain the sidewalk. Timely sidewalk repair and regular maintenance can ensure pedestrian safety.

Boost property value

When it comes to property value, the sidewalks are taken into account. Apart from being a safe recreational space for physical activity, sidewalks are an essential design element. You can leave a good impression with a well-maintained and neat sidewalk.

Encourage a healthier lifestyle

As chronic diseases are becoming prevalent, it has become necessary to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  With a clean and well-kept sidewalk, you can make the paths safe. And encourage your residents for daily jogging and walking.

Common causes of sidewalk violations

Here are some of the common causes of sidewalk violations in NYC:

Age and wear

Older sidewalks get damaged easily and have more chances of wear and tear, which leads to violations.


Debris includes litter, leaves, and other things that collect on the sidewalk and cause tripping hazards.

Improper or poor installation

If poor quality materials or improper construction practices were used in constructing the sidewalk, it leads to future violations.


Extreme weather conditions, such as harsh sun or heavy rain, cause sidewalk damage. Not repairing them on time can lead to violations.

Tree roots

New York City has tree-lined streets and sidewalks. It is common for tree roots to grow under sidewalks, which makes them lift and crack gradually. Property owners are required to maintain it even if a nearby tree caused the damage.

Tripping hazards

Cracks, dents, and holes are some defects that lead to tripping and other safety hazards, resulting in sidewalk violations.

Ice & snow

Ice and snow accumulates on the NYC sidewalks during the winters. It leads to slip and fall hazards. Not clearing ice and snow promptly off the sidewalks leads to violation.

Steps to prevent sidewalk violations

Here are a few tips that can help property owners in avoiding sidewalk violations in NYC:

  • One can ensure sidewalk safety with regular maintenance as it can prevent damage and timely repair. Property owners should make a routine of inspecting their sidewalks regularly.
  • Property owners should clear snow, ice, and any other debris like leaves and litter from the sidewalks to prevent slip and fall hazards.
  • You should keep a record of your maintenance work, like inspection receipts and inspection reports. This will serve as evidence of your compliance activities. If you ever need to dispute a violation or defend yourself, you can show the records as evidence.
  • Investing in professional sidewalk repair services for cracks, holes, and other defects would assist property owners in maintaining sidewalks and preventing violations.

Working with professional contractors

When it comes to the removal of sidewalk violations, it needs both compliance and relevant expertise of the city sidewalk regulations.

Professional contractors have relevant experience in dealing with all kinds of sidewalk repair and other issues. Professional contractors like Eden Sidewalk Contractors NY have the expertise to efficiently deal with a variety of sidewalk issues.

When you hire experienced contractors, rest assured that they will use high-quality materials and equipment for sidewalk repair to ensure a lasting and durable result. The professionals know that sidewalk repair can be dangerous so, they adhere to safety practices to reduce risks of injuries or accidents.

You can save money in the long run with professional services. Sidewalks are part of your property. Professional contractors ensure that your sidewalk job is done efficiently, enhances its appearance, and adds to your property’s value.

Sidewalk violation removal process in NYC

As a landlord in NYC, if you receive a sidewalk violation, you need to be quick in its removal. The Department of Transportation (DOT) obliges a 75-day time limit for completing the necessary repairs once you receive a violation. Failure to get the timely repairs within the given timeframe would result in legal action.

Property owners should take guidance from these steps below:

  • The initial and crucial step in sidewalk violation removal is to hire a licensed and experienced contractor to address the repairs that resulted in the violation. They will handle all aspects of the repair. Make sure they have the DOT license to perform sidewalk repairs.
  • A contractor should initiate the process of getting the permit from DOT. It is a pre-requisite. The permit states the scope of work and the needed time frame. 
  • After obtaining the necessary permits, the process of repair begins. The contractor must carry out all the necessary repairs within the specific time frame. 
  • Make sure all the work is completed according to the city regulations. The contractor should give you updates on the work and progress.
  • After the completion of repairs, the DOT will inspect the sidewalk to ensure its safety and accessibility. The violation will be removed if the sidewalk passes the inspection.


Receiving a sidewalk violation in NYC is a common but concerning situation. You can efficiently resolve the issue by taking prompt and appropriate action. By keeping open communication with your sidewalk contractor and the city authorities would assist you in resolving sidewalk violations on time.



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