When’s The Best Time to Redo My Asphalt Driveway?

With a well-built driveway, you can upgrade your home and make it stand out from all the others on the street. A well-designed driveway would boost the curb appeal and the functionality of your outdoor space. 

Want to redo your driveway and need some valuable information? You have come to the right place. In this guide we will cover all aspects of Asphalt driveway renewal so you know the best time to start driveway renovation.

Seasonal impact on driveway maintenance

Weather conditions, such as the harsh UV rays and heavy rains, impact the structure and outlook of an asphalt driveway. External elements weaken the asphalt surface, affect the deeper layers, and impacts its strength.

When considering driveway renewal, the right time is crucial because it affects durability, quality, cost, and the overall success of your driveway project. Incorrect timing leads to excessive maintenance costs and early damage.

Stay tuned as we explore various weather conditions to guide you in making the right decision for a lasting and cost-effective driveway renewal.

Driveway redo during colder months

Moving ahead with your Asphalt driveway redo in the colder months can be challenging. Asphalt begins to cool as soon as the contractors remove it from the truck. Exposure to cold makes asphalt difficult to work with. It hardens faster, becomes less malleable, and pouring becomes a task.

If the ground is frozen, the asphalt fails to adhere to the base layers. Also, the underlying asphalt crumbles and even detaches itself from the binder. This causes structural weaknesses.

Why Spring might be the ideal time for a driveway revamp?

Late spring until early fall is the best time for paving a new asphalt driveway, as the weather is mild. Ideally, one should plan driveway projects when the conditions are drier. Asphalt paving projects give the best results when the temperatures are above 50°F.

Some recommend asphalt paving projects when the temperature is 70° F or higher. During the spring and summer months, you would find more contractors easily. The weather is dry with long sunshine hours. The temperatures get high during nighttime, providing the ideal conditions so the new asphalt cures well.

Warm months for driveway upgrades

During the warmer months, the asphalt mixture can easily maintain a stable temperature and flexible consistency. This makes the driveway redo process smoother.

Hot mix asphalt requires a temperature between 175°F and 275°F to set. You can benefit from the best results with asphalt in warm weather because the warm weather allows for easy pouring, spreading, and smoothing of asphalt.

Due to longer daylight hours, contractors have sufficient time to lay down and shape the asphalt perfectly. As the asphalt cools down, it solidifies uniformly, and you get a durable and long-lasting surface.

Driveway makeovers in Autumn

You will face many challenges if you decide to give your driveway a makeover in autumn. Although you can lay asphalt during autumn, you must ensure that the ground temperature is not near 0 degrees.

Experts recommend driving makeovers from mid-December to mid-April as the weather is unfavorable for an efficient driveway installation. This is because the thawing process would make the ground settle unevenly and impact asphalt installation.

Signs your driveway needs attention

One needs to regularly maintain the driveway to keep it in good condition. If you see these six signs, it means you need to pay more attention to your driveway:

  • Multiple deep cracks
  • Broken edges
  • Potholes
  • Poor drainage
  • Worn out appearance
  • Weed growth
  • Lack of resealing

When to take action

Usually, asphalt driveways have a lifespan of 15-20 years. Driveways that are 25 years or older need repaving or a makeover. If more than 30% of the area surface is covered in large cracks or potholes, you need a new driveway. An unsteady foundation is also a sign you need to get a new driveway.

Legalities of driveway redo

If you reside in the NYC, you need a permit to construct or alter your driveway or garage.

  • Your driveway will be illegal if you don’t secure a permit to install a curb.
  • You can apply for a permit by filling out PW1 form available on the website of DOB (Department of Buildings).
  • For parking passenger vehicles, the driveway should be at least 8 feet wide. It should not exceed the curb cut’s length.
  • For other vehicles, the minimum width should be 10 feet. The driveway areas between the curb and the lot line must be paved as per the Department of Transportation requirements for sidewalk construction.

Hiring contractors: Tips for finding the right team for your project

Another essential factor is hiring experienced professionals, such as Eden Construction NY, for your driveway. They have the equipment and the experience to get the job done in the best way possible.

Here are a few tips for hiring the best team for your driveway installation project:

  • Choose a contractor that has a good reputation in the local vicinity.
  • See that they have the necessary experience and expertise. Ask to see a portfolio of their work.
  • Visit previous work sites and installations of the contractors have completed.
  • Navigate the project costs and contracts. Get more than one quote for your driveway installation.
  • Discuss the payment options.
  • Some contractors offer a warranty for the work done. You can inquire if they offer any warranty.
  • Make sure the contractor has proper liability insurance coverage before starting the project.
  • Insist on getting all the agreements regarding finances, services, and guarantees put in writing before commencing work.

Selecting a team of reliable and experienced sidewalk contractors in NYC is an important decision that affects the overall durability, quality, and aesthetics of the driveway. Moreover, it affects the value of your property.

Bearing the above-mentioned tips in your mind will assist you in making an informed decision.

Tips for extending the lifespan of your newly redone driveway

When you get your new driveway, there are a few tips you should follow to extend its lifespan.

  • For the first five days, keep cars off the driveway. However, you can walk on it after a day.
  • A new driveway needs 6-12 months to get hard and cured. During summer, it can remain soft. The driveway would soften and harden as the temperatures rise and fall. You can water down the driveway using a hose on hot days for temporary hardening.
  • Avoid using ladders, dumpsters, tables, chair legs, or bicycle stands on asphalt as it can cause indentations during curing time.
  • Avoid construction & large heavy trucks on your new driveway as it can depress it. Do not drive off the edges either.
  • The edges of a new driveway are susceptible to cracking and crumbling as there is no side support. You can use topsoil to build up the edges. Wait until the driveway has cured.
  • Snow plowing can lead to gouging and scratches on the driveway. Use rock salt and ice melt as asphalt is resistant to them.
  • Since winter causes hairline cracks due to the ground’s contraction and expansion, use crack fillers to fill them up in the spring.

Important to note: In the first 6 months, particularly the summer months, the pavement can scuff due to sharp turns, K-turns, and vehicle power steering.


A neatly installed driveway could enhance your property’s outlook and improve overall functionality. If you are thinking of redoing your driveway, the best time is during the summer, spring, or early fall months. The mild weather of these months allows the contractors to complete the driveway installation process smoothly.

Make it a point to observe the condition of your driveway regularly. If there is damage or any major wear and tear, you can seek the help of professional pavement contractors who are experts in asphalt installation in the best manner.


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