What Safety Protocols Should a Contractor Follow on Construction Sites?

Every employer has the responsibility of protecting the health and safety of their employees, regardless of their occupation. If we look at the construction workers, they are exposed to high-risk environments and other additional dangers.

If you are a construction project manager or a site manager of any concrete construction, including sidewalks, driveways, steps, or curbs, there are certain essential precautions that you must take to safeguard your workplace from unnecessary risks. Let us tell you about the ways you can keep your construction site safe and abide by the city codes and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines.

Train Your Staff

The most important thing to do to maintain workplace safety during a construction project is to train your staff. Getting OSHA certification and timely training can allow the staff to avoid on-site risks and manage accidents.

Manage Workplace Risks

It is true that in construction projects, eliminating all types of safety risks might be impossible. However, as a construction manager, you can avoid common safety issues by conducting regular safety audits.

Secure Your Site

Site restrictions must not be only to protect the construction equipment from getting damaged or stolen. You must secure your site and restrict access for pedestrians, especially after work hours. To make your site secure, you can hire a security guard and an authorized site visitor. Proper security and following safety protocols can help you protect your company from any liability in the event of a security breach or safety incident.

Install Security Signs

A safe work method statement must be clearly displayed on the construction site so that all the safety protocols are available. It includes a 24 hour emergency contact number and a map of the site. Moreover, the security sign must also indicate amenities like lavatories, entry and exit points, emergency fire equipment, and first aid kits.

Separate Entry and Exit Points

An important thing that you must do is to separate the entry and exit points for heavy machinery or vehicles. It will allow you to keep your pedestrians safe in high-traffic areas.

Environmental Conditions

Extreme weather conditions can be a serious safety hazard and to avoid this issue, you must have an on-site emergency plan. This plan will allow the workers to get clear security guidelines in the event of a natural disaster, severe weather conditions, or other emergency situations.

First Aid

It is best practice to have one first aid officer for every 25 workers at a construction site. To make the site secure for the workers in the event of any accident, the first aid kit and safety equipment must be present and easily accessible.

Chemical Storage

All the chemicals must be stored in a careful way to minimize fires, explosions, chemical injuries, and pollution on the worksite. You can use high-quality outdoor storage solutions, such as an explosive storage cabinet and segregate the chemicals so that you can reduce spillage.

Personal Protective Equipment

It is the responsibility of a contractor to provide personal protective equipment (PPE), including high vests, safety goggles, and safety harnesses, to the workers working at the construction site. Using the PPE will allow the workers to work in an environment that is both safe and secure. 

Learn more about Personal Protective Equipment.

Bottom Line

Keeping the construction site safe is the responsibility of the contractor. If the contractor is unable to provide a safe environment for the workers, workplace injuries will increase, and the workers will not be able to complete their tasks in an efficient way. Moreover, the employees will feel insecure while performing the tasks. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the contractor to provide a safe and secure environment for the employees and ensure that they feel secure while performing their tasks.


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