How to Maintain Your Driveways for Long-Term Prevention from Damages

Driveways are the most important concrete structure on a property, but one might overlook them until they start showing really bad stains, cracks, or potholes. Delay in repairing these driveways can be dangerous, as they not only cause the trip and fall of pedestrians but can also cause the tires of your vehicle to get damaged. 

Repairing the driveways on an immediate basis is essential to not only avoid the risks but also to enhance the value of the property. If your driveways are damaged, you can consider hiring Eden Sidewalk Contractors NYC. We have been providing remarkable driveway repair and replacement services in NYC for over two decades.

We also provide essential tips that you can adopt to keep your driveways in the best condition for a long time. Let us look at these tips one by one.

Ways to Prevent Cracks

If you want to prevent your driveways from cracking, you can ask our professional driveway experts to seal your concrete annually. Sealing your asphalt for a few years will allow you to prevent the water from penetrating and freezing inside the driveways. 

The frozen water inside the driveways can expand the concrete and cause it to crack. Moreover, tree roots and shrubs can also crack driveways. The solution to this is that you can remove trees near your driveway and trim the roots away.

Filling the Cracked Driveways

If your driveways are showing cracks, you can patch them up yourself and repair them to ensure that the driveways don’t get further damaged. The first thing you have to do is prepare the concrete surface. Use a chisel to remove all the loose concrete material on the driveways. After that, you can apply the crack filler and patch the compound. 

After patching everything, let the compound dry and after that, seal the entire driveway. One thing that you must ensure is to smooth and level your driveway and reduce tripping accidents.

Minimize Washing Your Driveways

Don’t wash your driveways a lot, as the water might penetrate the surface and cause water damage beneath the surface. Moreover, while clearing off your driveways, ensure to clean a two- to three-inch strip and provide runoff from snow and water. Another thing that you must consider is ensuring that the downspout of your roofs empties in the yard instead of the driveways.

Don’t Use Harmful De-icing Chemicals

Using harmful de-icers and cement salts can penetrate the surface and cause the concrete to deteriorate. The first thing you must do to avoid these damages is to use alternatives to rock salts. You can use a snowblower or shovel to remove the snow.

Moreover, you can also opt for installing heated driveways. Heated driveways don’t allow the snow to gather on the surface and keep the surface clean and safe for pedestrians.

Carefully Plow the Driveways

While removing the snow from your driveway, you must raise the blade of the plow high enough so that it doesn’t scrape and damage the sidewalk. Another thing that you must keep in mind is to use a plastic shovel so that the driveway doesn’t get damaged.

Cleaning Your Driveways

While cleaning your driveways, removing the stains of motor oil, radiator fluid, and other similar substances that might affect the appearance of your driveways is essential. The motor fluid on your driveway can penetrate a quarter inch into the concrete and make it soft.

You can remove this stain by using non-clumping kitty litter so that it can absorb the oil. After that, you must use the grease-cutting dishwashing detergent and warm water. If the stains on your driveways are old, you can scrub the driveways with a brush.


Damaged driveways can not only reduce the value of the property but also create trip-and-fall risks for pedestrians. If your driveways are damaged, you must immediately consider hiring professional sidewalk repair services from Eden Sidewalk Contractors NYC. We will provide you with the most amazing driveway repair services. If you need us, contact us today, and we will be at your service.


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