Efficient Methods of Melting Snow and Ice on Your Concrete Structures

Removing the snow and ice from your concrete structures, including your driveway and sidewalk, in the winter season can be an essential task. However, it can become daunting when you don’t have enough experience to remove it.

If you are a property owner with new and well-maintained sidewalks and driveways, you must reconsider your ice and snow methods. The first deicing agent that most homeowners use is rock salt. 

The reason is that it is inexpensive and shows good results. But did you know that using rock salt for deicing can cause damage to the concrete surface and can also pose a threat to plants and pets?

In this article, we will talk about some alternative methods that you can use to remove ice and snow from your concrete structures, including sidewalks and driveways and prevent snow buildup as well.

Use Safe Chemicals For Deicing

There are a wide array of commercial ice melting products that are safer for the environment. If we talk about such products, they include calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, beet juice salt, and calcium magnesium acetate, etc. 

One more thing you could do to avoid ice and snow buildup on your sidewalks and driveways is to apply ice melts. 

Apply Abrasive

Another amazing thing you can do to avoid ice buildup is to apply abrasive material like natural volcanic granules. These abrasive materials do not melt the ice but they are used with the deicing chemicals.

Installing Heated Driveways and Sidewalks

If you are installing a new concrete driveway of sidewalks with the help of Eden sidewalk contractors in NYC, you can opt for an in-slab electric hydronic heating system. These sidewalks with heating systems easily melt the ice and snow and avoid the buildup. These sidewalks are an amazing way to remove the plowing, shoveling, and potential damages caused by the deicing chemicals.

Use snow-melting Mats

If your sidewalks are old and don’t have an in-slab heating system, an amazing option for you is to lay down the snow-melting mats. You can get the mats in various sizes to heat up your sidewalks, steps, and entrance to your property. 

An amazing thing about these mats, other than the fact that they melt ice and snow, is that they improve traction. 

Seal Your Concrete

Your concrete structures might still be exposed to the harmful deicing chemicals even if you don't use them. It can happen when the snow removal crew of the city plows the ice on the apron of your driveway. 

Moreover, the snow clinging to the tires of your car can also lead to damage. What you can do to avoid this is hire professionals who can seal your concrete. If you want maximum protection, you can use penetrating sealers that limit moisture and chemical invasion. 

What to Do If Your Sidewalks Are Already Damaged?

With time, salt can damage the concrete and also cause it to discolor. Moreover, showling and other snow removal procedures can also cause the sidewalks and driveways to get damaged. 

Depending on the damage to the concrete structure, you might have to repair or replace it. For professional repair and replacement of your concrete structures, you can trust Eden Sidewalk Contractors NYC

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