Cracked to Charismatic: A Case of Renovating Broken Sidewalk in Fresh Meadows, Queens

In the neighborhood of fresh meadows, Queens, sidewalks serve the purpose of connecting the residents and community with each other. However, for many years broken concrete, tripping hazards, improper sloping, and plenty of other DOT violations could be seen on the sidewalks adjacent to 195-22 58th Ave.

These damaged sidewalks become a reason for trip-and-fall accidents among pedestrians and require immediate attention. In this case study, you will see the transformative journey of these broken sidewalks that results in pedestrian’s safety and the overall functionality of roads.


In the past two years, two attempts have been made to remove these violations. In August 2022, a local contracting company made an initial attempt to fix the damages. However, according to the DOT's final inspection, their efforts were inefficient, and the broken concrete surface still posed tripping hazards. A new permit was required to make any new repairs.

In March 2024, the sidewalks became a reason why a partially sighted elderly man tripped over the damaged driveway at twilight and filed a complaint against the property owners. The property owner, Mrs. Sandra T. Clarke, stepped forward to finally fix the damaged sidewalks by hiring the expertise of Eden Construction NY.


The scope of the challenge was difficult as 15 sidewalk slabs on block 5701, lot 15, had cracks and potholes and were posing safety risks. Immediate replacement of damaged slabs was required to dismiss a violation notice. However, following city guidelines and ensuring code compliance added to the complexity of the task.


In order to get outstanding services that follow all of the city's regulations, Mrs. Sandra T. Clarke enlisted the help of "Eden Construction NY," the most reputable sidewalk construction company in the area.

The step-by-step process of sidewalk replacements included:

Assessment and Planning

  • Following a thorough evaluation of the damages and the NYC DOT's preliminary inspection report, the experts determined that repairing the damages is just a temporary fix.
  • The permanent solution required removing and replacing the slabs for which detailed planning was carried out and the scope of work was defined.

Permits and Clearance

  • Prior to replacing the sidewalks, the necessary permit from NYC DOT for sidewalk replacement was acquired to stay code complaint.
  • After getting clearance and permission, the replacement process was executed.

Removal of Damaged Slabs

  • Utilizing precision tools like sludge hammers and pry bars, the damaged concrete slabs were carefully broken down into smaller pieces.
  • Each slab was then carefully extracted while ensuring no further damage to the adjacent slabs.

Soil Preparation

  • Once the concrete was removed, the soil was prepared by filling it with gravel, crushed stones, and sand.
  • The frame was then installed to give the sidewalks a defined shape.

Pouring the Concrete

  • High-quality ready-mix concrete was selected for slab replacement to get seamless results.
  • Employing unique techniques and good quality material, the sidewalks integrated with the surrounding area while promoting aesthetics and structural integrity.

Expansion Joints and Healing

  • After pouring the concrete, expansion joints were installed and filled with Silka.
  • The concrete surface was then left to dry for about 48 hours.

Quality Assurance

  • Once the concrete was dry, sealant was applied to give a professional result.
  • The NYC DOT was called to inspect the sidewalks as per DOT guidelines and dismiss the violations.

Following the detailed step-by-step replacement process, we were able to address the safety concerns for years to come.

Remarkable Outcomes and Client’s Reaction

The transformation made on the sidewalk of 195-22 58th Avenue was impactful. Residents and pedestrians were now able to use the sidewalks without worrying about trip-and-fall accidents. 

Mrs. Sandra T. Clarke, behind this essential replacement project, said, “I am beyond impressed with the professionalism of the team and the remarkable results. Now everyone can get access to my property without worrying about the injuries.”

The elderly neighbor who tripped over the potholes on the broken sidewalk shared his relief and appreciation. “I can now use the sidewalks in the block without being concerned about my safety.”


Eden Construction NY was able to make a remarkable transformation of sidewalks in the heart of Fresh Meadows. By following the safety protocols and adhering to city guidelines, we addressed the safety threats and constructed a safer and more functional pathway. 

This replacement project highlighted the importance of sidewalks in Queens and the collaborative effort of the community in ensuring efficient repairs.


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