5 Simple Ways to Stop Water From Going Under Your Sidewalks

Problems with water pooling are more likely to occur on worn-out sidewalks that have cracks or holes in them on the surface.  The reason for this is that cracks cause water to seep in, which ultimately leads to the deterioration of your sidewalks over time.

For instance, in the winter season, the moisture might freeze and create a bulge on the concrete surface. A bulging sidewalk is an eyesore and a potential hazard. Water seeping underneath also weakens the foundation, leading to even bigger cracks, uneven surfaces, and costly repairs. 

Fixing these sidewalks on an immediate basis is essential to avoid potential trip hazards. Trusting professional NYC sidewalk contractors for your sidewalk damages can be an efficient choice.

With their exceptional inspection skills and extensive knowledge about  concrete damages, and ways to repair them, professionals can provide a valuable service.

Ways to Stop Water from Seeping Under Your Concrete

After carefully assessing your sidewalks and identifying the extent of damage, you can follow the following five simple solutions to stop water from seeping under concrete.

Caulk the Cracks

Cracks, whether large or small, are a major reason why water might seep under. Fixing the cracks on an immediate basis is essential but the extent of the cracks can define the type of method you might have to use.

For instance, small cracks are fresh and they might not have allowed a lot of moisture to go inside. You can fix these cracks using a caulking gun. Here is how you can apply caulk.

  • Clear the crack of any debris with a wire brush and dampen it slightly to improve adhesion. 
  • Apply a steady bead of caulk, pressing it firmly into the crack. 
  • Smooth it out with a wet finger and allow it to cure completely.

Keep in mind that for large cracks, you might have to hire professional NYC sidewalk contractors like Eden Construction NY and get the concrete slabs replaced.

Change Downpours Extensions

Sometimes, the damage might not occur because of the water seeping from the ground. There are some cases where rainwater pours downward from your roof gutter and directly onto the sidewalk. 

This constant flow can erode edges and force water under slabs. Adding gutter extensions might help you manage this problem. 

If you want to divert water away from your foundation and onto your lawn or another specified drainage area, you should get gutter extensions that are slightly angled downward.

Install French Drain

Installing a French drain is a long-term solution to water damage. This drainage system involves digging a trench alongside the sidewalk, filling it with gravel, and wrapping it in filter fabric. 

The gravel allows water to flow freely, while the filter fabric prevents dirt from clogging the system. The water then travels through the gravel and eventually drains away from the foundation.

While a French drain is a less costly solution than caulking or diverting water flow, it's highly promising. You can hire professional contractors to get the job done.

Add Plants

Plants can be a great source of protection from water going under the sidewalk. However, while installing the plants, make wise decisions. Avoid planting trees with aggressive root systems close to your sidewalk, as they can actually cause cracks and worsen the problem. 

The best choice would be to go with drought-resistant plants that have shallow root systems and low growth rates. These plants will assist in absorbing excess moisture from the soil, thereby preventing it from reaching the foundation of the sidewalk.

Vapor Barrier Under Sidewalks

If the damages to your sidewalks are extensive and you are planning to replace your sidewalk entirely, consider installing a vapor barrier underneath the new slabs. 

This barrier acts as a shield and prevents the moisture from moving from the ground in upward direction towards the concrete. This method requires a complete sidewalk replacement but it can be a long-term solution that prevents future water pooling issues.


By following these simple and effective methods, you can prevent water from seeping under your sidewalk. Moreover, you will be able to have a stable, hazard-free walkway for years to come. 

Remember, identifying the root cause of water damage at an early stage is essential to avoiding extensive damage in the future. Moreover, by identifying the issues, you can address them promptly and save money and hassle in the long run.

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