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DOT Sidewalk Violation in Bronx / New York City

Sidewalk ViolationsHave you recently been hit with a violation on your current sidewalks from the department of transportation? Bronx / New York City sidewalk violations can be a serious cause of irritation for property owners, so when you end up having to resolve one of these issues, you need to make certain that you have it done promptly and that the results are such that they will provide not only relief but a durable and long lasting solution.


Common Sidewalk Violations

Sidewalk violations are to be taken seriously and repairs are paramount when issued one of these. Failure to do so can result in issues when attempting to sell your property, or they might even present problems when refinancing. By undergoing routine maintenance and repairs as needed, many issues with your sidewalks can be avoided before a DOT violation is issued.

Whatever the case, it is best if you handle these issues yourself, and get the service of the repair contractors that you can trust at Eden Sidewalk Contractors. If you do not act on repairing your sidewalks after a violation has been issued, then the DOT may handle the work themselves within 45 days, after which you will foot the bill. By calling on Eden Sidewalk Contractors, you have a say in the pricing, and can keep your costs down.

  • Defective Sidewalks: This can come in many forms, and swift repairs are a must as these defects often present a hazard to public safety. These commonly come in the form of collapsed sidewalks, trip hazards, tree roots, improper slopes, patchwork concrete, or hardware trip hazards.
  • Missing Curbs: If your curb is missing or badly damaged, you will have to see about replacing it. Contact the DOT first however, as they might be able to replace it without any charge to you.


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