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Why You Should Consider Installing a Concrete Deck

Whether you are enhancing your home’s exterior to sell or completing home projects that you’ve always wanted, adding a concrete deck is an attractive, affordable, and durable home improvement. A concrete deck installed by a Brooklyn sidewalk contractor is an extremely versatile space for relaxing and entertaining.

Homeowners typically choose between wood and concrete for their deck material. Prior to the recent wooden deck trend, decks were made of stone, brick, or concrete. Wooden decks may be preferred for their aesthetic appeal, but they are prone to warping and rotting. Decks made of concrete have a greater life span, and they should be considered during the deck installation process with your sidewalk contractor.


Installing a concrete deck is less costly than installing a wooden deck, and the simple maintenance required of concrete decks means that long-term expenses are minimal. Additionally, the same batch of fluid concrete can yield surfaces with various designs and patterns.

Minimal Maintenance

Concrete decks do not require a lot of maintenance, and they do not need periodic painting, staining, or removal of grass and weeds like wooden decks. Homeowners will just have to clean the concrete deck occasionally to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Variety and Versatility

By choosing a concrete deck, you open yourself up to endless design options. Your sidewalk contractor can stamp the concrete so that it resembles granite, brick, or slate. Concrete deck designs include steps, seating, curved edges, and multiple levels. Because of its fluid nature, before it cures, concrete can be customized to practically any size, shape, or style. It can be placed nearly anywhere around your home, even in areas that lack consistent grading or those that meet the neighboring landscaping.


Concrete gets harder over time, making it more durable as it ages. Its resistance to damaging factors like weather, insects, and heavy foot traffic creates a demand for this deck material. Homeowners with heavy outdoor furnishings do not have to worry about damaging their concrete deck.

A concrete deck could be what your home’s exterior is missing. If you’re interested in discussing deck material options, contact Eden Sidewalk Contractors, your Brooklyn sidewalk contractor.


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