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Reliable DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal Contractor in NYC

Ordinarily, landowners get hit with a violation for the sidewalks installed around their property from the DOT (department of transportation). DOT sidewalk violation can cause disturbance and onus of additional work for landowners that leave them pissed off. So, if you get an official notification from the Department of Transportation to determine the issue, you need to ensure that you are finishing it up before 45 days. In the event that you neglect to play out this before the given time, at that point DOT will hire their own concrete repair contractor NYC followed by billing the estimate on the landowner by a department of the finance (DOF) for fitting rectifications on walkways.

Trustworthy DOT violation removal services in NYC

Landowners need to continue inspecting their sidewalks consistently or, in all likelihood might be considered responsible in any event, for not removing snow. Continuously guarantee that sidewalks are protected, if that DOT experiences any deformity or crack, at that point it gives a notification of violation that pushes you into difficulty in the blink of an eye. Therefore, to maintain a strategic distance from excess pressure and invasion of further law procedures, complete it quickly by our fast and safe violations removal expeditor. Our experts are endowed with prime obligations of DOT sidewalk violation removal services; they are phenomenally talented and experienced and hold a lofty situation in development space. We can help in:

  • Sidewalk repair contractor NYC
  • Approved DOT certificate
  • Approved DOT expedition
  • Approved DOT Architect
  • Approved permit application filing

Our experts have years of experience taking care of sidewalk violation, for example, fallen walkways, lopsided walkways, inappropriate incline and more. At the point when we are doing it, we guarantee that you get the best possible alleviation, solidness and durable solution. The property holds its worth just when no additional work is done over and over. DOT gets into the issue when you neglect to serve the guidelines of a department of transportation on walkways. Therefore, depending on your property work to us, we work for the clients’ gratification.

How can I hire skilled DOT violation removal contractor in NYC?

NYC sidewalk laws require landowners to install, fix or do support on their walkways including the walker inclines around the property and nearby walkways being a section to the property. In the event that you are not submitting to the guidelines and guidelines forced by DOT, at that point this is called DOT sidewalk violation.

The lack of knowledge of these steps can place you into a predicament alongside the commitment of questionable services of any sidewalk violation removal and sidewalk repair NYC or across New York City who isn’t appropriately authorized. In this way, pick astutely before choosing. What’s more, not simply installation, you should check if you need walkway replacement or any fix and it applies to all the landowners across NYC. Doing everything without anyone else can be energy-draining for you, our accomplished and Licensed DOT violation removal company can fix issues of your commercial and residential property easily.

With top-quality services, we have proven our viability across New York urban communities the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens as a settled specialist organization for all walkways work. The explanation behind picking us could transform things into your kindness as we are knowledgeable with all the guidelines of NYC walkway violation codes. Having managed endless complexities of walkway works, we hold a top to bottom information on the business and comprehend what is directly for your property.

Are Eden Sidewalk Contractors providing assured DOT violation removal services?

Our fast and safe sidewalk violation removal contractor gives you customized solutions and surpasses your desires. The luster in the property continues as before whether we fix or replace your walkways. By the day’s end, it is our incomparable craftsmanship that you recall. At Eden Sidewalk Contractors, we take at work with the expectation to mitigate you from the pressure and strain related to DOT violation and executes the task in a savvy and precise way.


Our Sidewalk Repair Process


1. If you noticed the problem yourself or received a repair notice from the city contact us!


2. We dispatch our team of experts quickly and promptly to assess the situation and start the repairs.


3. We handle the repair up to all current codes, protecting you from unnecessary fines and headaches!

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