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Penalties for Biking on the Sidewalk in NYC - A Guide by Sidewalk Repair Bronx

NYC has the maximum number of people who either use bicycles or walk on foot hence making it the pedestrian/bicycle friendly city in US. With maximum number of bike lanes and sidewalks everywhere in the City, New Yorkers have abandoned cars for an eco-friendly environment. The cyclist might find the sidewalk convenient for bicycling but the question is whether it is legal or not?

It is not legal for bikers to bike on the sidewalk however they can walk on a sidewalk along with their bike. The only exception that exists to this rule is if the rider is under age 12 or in the diameter of the wheel is under 26 inches.

Keeping the sidewalk free of bikers is equally safe for people on foot and people on the bikes. However New York City is not short of areas where people can ride freely. Riding on a sidewalk can lead to severe consequences. Also, if you spot a hole or any other damage on the sidewalk, inform the authorities right away and get a contractor for sidewalk repair in the Bronx.

Penalties of riding a bike on a sidewalk

In the year 2014, when vision zero began, almost 11,000 NYC pedestrians were reported to be injured in traffic accidents each year which lead to the death of more than 135 people. At that time, for every one vehicle, there were three pedestrian fatalities.

Currently, the NYC sidewalks are a safe space and also the number of injuries have gone down tremendously (almost half).2020 was the first time in the past twenty years that there were less than 100 causalities across the five boroughs. It is illegal to bike on a sidewalk in NYC. The penalties are:

  • Hundreds of dollars in fine
  • Bicycle confiscation
  • Up to twenty days in prison

If your bike is taken away, you will not get your bike back unless you clear all the fines and fees. After your bike is taken into custody by the authorities, you are entitled to a hearing with the environmental control board within the five days of the entire episode. If you get the board decision in your favor, you can get rid of the holding fee or even get a refund.

Working through the pandemic

The current pandemic has left its mark on the entire population. It is only due to the rapid administration of vaccines, particularly in the US, that number of new cases have significantly reduced and the death rate has also dropped. The world is now coming back to normal life however we never stopped working during the pandemic.

We made sure that all the sidewalks in NYC are safe to use by people on foot and also that no biker claims the sidewalk if there are no people walking due to lockdown. While following all the safety protocols related to covid, we delivered what we promised and continue to serve the citizens of New York to make their lives easier.


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3. We handle the repair up to all current codes, protecting you from unnecessary fines and headaches!

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