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How to Find the Right Contractors for Your Sidewalk Repair Needs

We all know that sidewalks are a crucial part of any community. They help to define the neighborhood, and they need to be in good condition. Concrete contractors have been around for over 15 years and have helped many different communities with their sidewalk needs. Whether you need a new sidewalk or just some repairs, Concrete Contractors Bronx can meet your needs!

To find the right concrete contractors’ company in NY for your needs, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind before signing on with one of these companies. You should ask about what materials they use as well as how much experience they have installing sidewalks like yours before making any decisions about which company is going to work best for you.

Concrete contractors in the Bronx are a great choice for any homeowner looking to get their sidewalks repaired. Concrete contractors can help you fix your sidewalk, and they offer a wide range of services from concrete repair to new installation. You will want to hire a contractor that has experience in the type of work that needs to be done on your property so you know it is going to be done right. We have been in business for many years and have proven themselves time and again as being trustworthy and reliable professionals who do exceptional work at affordable prices!

What is concrete and what are its benefits

Concrete is a composite material that is created by combining cement and water with aggregates like stones. The concrete mixture results in concrete's solid qualities which include its strength, durability, and low maintenance. Concrete contains various compounds that are responsible for concrete's longevity, the degree of hardening after curing, and its final hardness.

One concrete application that concrete contractors Bronx know a lot about is concrete sidewalks. Concrete sidewalks are concrete slabs that are created as alternatives to traditional concrete pavements for roads, streets, and paths. Sidewalks can also be referred to as footpaths or walkways depending on their intended purpose. At the end of the day, there are very few differences between concrete pavements and concrete sidewalks aside from size and design preferences.

Concrete itself is a mixture that requires the aggregate to be mixed with cement, water, admixtures, and air entrainment agents during construction to cure properly before it becomes an installed sidewalk material. The correct amount of aggregate must be measured out so that the final product has roughly 90% stone. This concrete mixture is then poured into concrete forms which are designed to give the concrete its final shape after construction.

After concrete sidewalks have been cured, it can be very difficult to distinguish them from other concrete pavements apart from their slight color variations. This is because concrete sidewalks are often finished with several coats of sealant to protect them from various elements like water, ultraviolet radiation, and corrosion. Some concrete contractors in the Bronx specialize in concrete sidewalk installations because they know all about how this material must be maintained for it to retain its strength and longevity.

Concrete's many uses, including sidewalks, foundations, and more

Concrete is an extremely versatile building material, and concrete contractors are the people who create concrete projects. One concrete project that concrete contractors work on is concrete sidewalks. You might also hear concrete contractors refer to concrete as concrete pavement. Concrete sidewalks are installed when concrete contractors build concrete foundations for buildings. If concrete is used in building a sidewalk, it is important to have a minimum of 4" depth of concrete while the ground slabs are being poured at a depth of 12" minimum!

A variety of things can cause a crack in a sidewalk. The two most common causes are frost heave and settling due to poor drainage during construction. Frost heave occurs when water from melting snow temporarily raises the temperature near the surface of the ground enough to freeze, and then as the water evaporates into the atmosphere it creates a crack.

Settling occurs during concrete construction if there is poor drainage underneath the concrete slabs being formed. The concrete might crack due to an increase in weight from added concrete on top of a slab that has voids below it where the concrete settled because the water ran away from beneath it.

Tips for finding the right concrete contractor

Here are some tips to help you find the concrete contractors who will be able to do a good job for your concrete repair needs.

  1. Search your local services directory: Our concrete repair company is listed online and you can find us by searching for concrete contractors in the Bronx. The first thing we would recommend doing is to search the internet for concrete repair companies that are located near you. This will give you an idea about what kinds of prices, qualifications, and experience they may have. After narrowing down the list based on where they're located and any other details that stand out (like certifications), it's time to start calling them up!
  2. Talk with family and friends: You may also want to talk with friends and family members about finding concrete contractors whom they've used in the past and had a good experience with. If you know anyone who went through this process already, then it would be a great idea to ask them for concrete repair company suggestions. They will have some firsthand knowledge about what you can expect from each company, so if they had a good experience with their concrete repairs, then this is something you should consider hiring.
  3. Search online: The internet is full of resources when it comes to concrete repair companies on the east coast and throughout the country, so searching here may yield you some concrete contractors that are close by or not far away at all! You want to look for concrete companies who have excellent ratings on review websites like Yelp and Angie's List, which are both very popular sites that people use to read reviews of service providers before making decisions about who they want to hire.

Our Sidewalk Repair Process


1. If you noticed the problem yourself or received a repair notice from the city contact us!


2. We dispatch our team of experts quickly and promptly to assess the situation and start the repairs.


3. We handle the repair up to all current codes, protecting you from unnecessary fines and headaches!

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