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How Can Property Owners Avoid Sidewalk Injuries in NYC?

Broken and lopsided sidewalks are an eyesore. In the event that you run over sidewalks around your home that are cracked and disintegrating down, at that point you should dial a sidewalk repair NYC contractor to figure everything out. Such damaged sidewalks welcome risk to any individual who strolls on them and can cause a crosswalk mishap.

You can get your shoe tip trapped in a sidewalk crack and trip forward. Or on the other hand, if the break is sufficiently enormous, you can without much of a stretch curve your lower leg. If yours is the business property and somebody gets seriously hurt while stumbling due to a damaged sidewalk, nothing can prevent them from filing a claim against you. To prevent such mishaps, it’s insightful to get those sidewalks repaired immediately.

Is the sidewalk repair process expensive?

A large number of people imagine that a lopsided sidewalk repair project is a costly one. However, the circumstance isn’t that terrible. A sidewalk repair contractor in Brooklyn can replace the lopsided sidewalk totally or can do repair work on it, contingent upon the kind of damage the sidewalk has faced. If the sidewalk needs total replacement, the sidewalk repair contractor will break the break of the sidewalk which is lopsided or broken with a brickwork drill.

I was addressing a companion as of late who had a mishap because of a lopsided sidewalk. They continued significant harm. They chose to make a legitimate move against the organization that was working away at the sidewalk. She looked legal advisors like Brownsville injury legal counselors since they were immediate. It is constantly worth ensuring you get a local legal advisor that comprehends the laws of your region.

After clearing the section of concrete bits, he will level the territory. Next, he will utilize a structure to hold the concrete into the shape of the new section and pour concrete into it. After the filling is done, the wet concrete is leveled utilizing a trowel. At the point when dry, the concrete structure is expelled and the sidewalk is opened for pedestrian activity. My companion was terrible enough to be hit by a vehicle while strolling on this almost cleared sidewalk. Fortunately, he had Injury-Claim-NYC-Law on his side.

How concrete raising can be effected method?

In the event that the sidewalk hasn’t encountered adequate damage, a savvy strategy called concrete raising can be utilized to repair the damaged concrete sidewalk. Sidewalk repairs in Brooklyn are normally done by this strategy. It is otherwise called mud jacking or chunk jacking. This technique is utilized to raise sunken or lopsided sidewalks or repair joints and breaks.

Despite the fact that the procedure doesn’t cost you a fortune, it is a monotonous and extremely difficult activity. The concrete repairer drills a grid of openings in the lopsided concrete slab. At that point, a concrete blend is readied which is later pumped into the holes. It fills the void underneath the section and raises the concrete slab. The gaps are then plugged with concrete and the sidewalk is opened for public use.

Our top services include

At Eden Sidewalk Contractors, our commercial concrete contractors NYC give a wide range of services that incorporate the development of sidewalks, repairing of curbs, dock stacking, the installation of parking bumper and significantly more. We give the best quality concrete related services in New York. Our sidewalks are installed with a 4″ stone base and are compacted. The concrete used is a solid 4500 PSI concrete mix. Applications are done in different manners; like a magnesium finish which guarantees the best sidewalk repair in Brooklyn and NYC region.

  • Large concrete work
  • Concrete flat work
  • Project management
  • Curbing
  • Corporate premises management
  • Concrete removal
  • Property surveying
  • Sidewalks or flatwork
  • Curbs installation and repair
  • Loading docks
  • Interior concrete
  • Decorative concrete
  • Parking bumper installation

Our Sidewalk Repair Process


1. If you noticed the problem yourself or received a repair notice from the city contact us!


2. We dispatch our team of experts quickly and promptly to assess the situation and start the repairs.


3. We handle the repair up to all current codes, protecting you from unnecessary fines and headaches!

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