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How Can People in NYC Safe Fire Escape in the Winter Season?

We have secured a few subjects on fire escape safety and support up until now. Commonly, we have concentrated on what an expert fire escape contractor can do to protect your fire escape system. In any case, there are a few things that you can do as the property holder to help keep up your fire escape.

Should I use a fire escape for storage or decoration purposes?

One of the most widely recognized issues we experience is that occupants will frequently utilize their fire escape as capacity or even as an outside living space. Very regularly do we see inhabitants that have put their barbecues and furniture on their fire escape. As we have talked about a few times in this blog, the reason for a fire escape is to give a method for departure in case of an emergency.

The vast majority accept that they won’t experience a crisis where the fire escape will be required, and therefore will utilize this space as extra and use it for an assortment of exercises, all of which will make the fire escape futile in case of a crisis. Notwithstanding its being perilous, the most well-known fine we see collected against mortgage holders are for the fire escape being cluttered.

In addition to the fact that you need to guarantee your fire escape is free from the mess, however, you should likewise make a point to leave your fire escape system undecorated. The Christmas season is going full speed ahead and very regularly do we experience inhabitants putting embellishments on their fire escape.

Like we examined before, your fire escape isn’t to be utilized for something besides its expected reason, as a method for clearing in case of an emergency. One of the most widely recognized and tricky adornments we see are Christmas lights folded over the fire escape, including the moving parts, for example, the stepping stool. This guarantees you won’t have a working fire escape in the event that you need one.

Should I maintain my fire escape in winter?

Winter is on the way which means snow and ice are not a long way behind. One of the most significant parts of keeping up your fire escape and guaranteeing it is in a legitimate working request will be to keep it free from ice and snow. As we’ve talked about in a few past posts, water is the main adversary to fire escapes in NYC.

At the point when it snows and that snow is left to sit on your fire escape when the sun hits it, the snow will gradually liquefy. At that point, when the temperature drops around evening time, that water will refreeze, beginning a horrible pattern of dissolve and refreeze. The softened water will have saturated any little gaps or breaks. Once the refreeze happens, it will grow.


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