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A Guide to Sidewalk Repair & Leveling in NY

Sidewalks are a crucial part of any city. Sidewalks not only help ensure that pedestrians won't get run over by cars but also allow for the free flow of traffic and people. Sidewalks can be damaged through wear and tear or from natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. This article will teach you how to repair sidewalks so they look new again!

Sidewalks provide access to businesses, homes, schools, hospitals, and more which is why it's important to maintain them at all costs - even if it means repairing them yourself!

The first step in sidewalk repairs is identifying what type of damage has been done. For example, tears in the concrete; broken edges; cracks; spalling (concrete is flaking off); and roots from plants growing through the slab.

Sidewalk repair can be completed using a variety of techniques depending on what kind of damage has been done. Some examples include: patching concrete; replacing concrete slabs; adding mortar between bricks; resetting cracked or broken pavers, etc.

Sidewalk repair Bronx is best performed in the fall, as heavy rains may decrease sidewalk strength during repairs. It's important to make sure you use proper material for sidewalk repair as well (i.e.: type of cement used). Cement is crucial in maintaining sidewalks because it acts like glue to bond any other materials together.

Sidewalks are a crucial part of any city

Sidewalk repair and leveling is an important process for any NYC sidewalk construction. Sidewalks in NYC can become uneven and broken, which creates difficulty for pedestrians trying to traverse the city safely. Sidewalk repair and leveling ensure that sidewalks remain safe and accessible to all who use them. How often should sidewalks be repaired?

Sidewalk repair can help lengthen the time between total sidewalk replacement, but complete sidewalk replacement is usually necessary every 10 years for residential sidewalks and every 20 years for commercial sidewalks.

Sidewalk repair can be completed using a variety of techniques

There are many ways that sidewalk repair can be completed which is dependent on the kind of damage that has been done. Sidewalk repair can involve having to remove and then replace the concrete. Sidewalk repair also sometimes involves leveling the surface of the concrete sidewalk. Sidewalks may need to be raised or lowered depending on where they are located in order for them to comply with ADA regulations.

Sidewalk repair does not always entail any physical labor, it is often done through sound design practices by an engineer. Sidewalk repairs can also be completed by repairing cracks with cement, filling holes with asphalt, and even replacing missing sections of the sidewalk with new concrete or asphalt patches.

It's important to make sure you use proper material for sidewalk repair

It's important to make sure you use proper material for sidewalk repair as well (i.e.: type of cement used). Sidewalks are repaired using concrete, which is made up of sand, rock, water, and cement. The cement is the ingredient that binds the other ingredients together. Cement comes in powder form and can be used through a variety of processes to achieve different results.

For maximum strength, it's recommended you use between three-eighths and half an inch of concrete for every foot of sidewalk width. It's important to always mix the concrete before adding it to your sidewalk repair, and it can be helpful to have an extra person available in case you need help mixing.

Once you've applied concrete for sidewalk repair by concrete contractors Bronx, make sure that the material is smooth. You'll need a trowel with notches cut into its blade for this purpose. Finally, let the concrete set overnight before removing excess water from the surface with a sponge or squeegee. For larger repairs, allow between three and seven days of drying time before using sidewalks again.


Sidewalks are one of the most overlooked parts of a city. Sidewalk Repair & Leveling in NYC is an important process that often gets neglected by property owners and managers, but it's essential to not only keep your sidewalk level for safety reasons but also to maintain the structural integrity of the building.

Sidewalks provide a foundation for pedestrians on which they can walk safely from point A to point B at their own pace without worrying about tripping or getting injured due to uneven ground. If you're looking into Sidewalk Repair & Leveling in NYC, this guide will help you get started with all the information you need!

So, you have a sidewalk in front of your house and it's starting to fall apart. Maybe there are chunks missing, perhaps the concrete has started to crack or maybe there's enough damage that you may need to completely rip out all of the old cement and start over.


Our Sidewalk Repair Process


1. If you noticed the problem yourself or received a repair notice from the city contact us!


2. We dispatch our team of experts quickly and promptly to assess the situation and start the repairs.


3. We handle the repair up to all current codes, protecting you from unnecessary fines and headaches!

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