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New-Rochelle-Sidewalk-Contractor-300x199Our specialty here at Eden Sidewalk Contractors is providing you with the best possible concrete services here in New Rochelle and surrounding areas.

Our focus is on giving you only the best quality workmanship and materials available. This is why we’ve been serving the area for so long, and have been able to build relationships with the community as a trustworthy and great company to work with.

When we work on a project with you, were always trying to put our best foot forward. That means we care a great deal about the outcome of the project and that it exceeds what you were expecting.

This type of drive is what we’ve built the foundation of our company on. Giving you the best foundation is our best foundation for our business. Whether your foundation exists as a concrete walkway, a concrete deck, a new patio or porch, or a sidewalk or walkway for your business, we’ll always use the right methods and right materials to give you durability and a surface you can trust to last.

Custom Concrete Decks & Patios for New Rochelle Residents

While a lot of our business is commercial by nature, we also work with many homeowners in the area. One of our favorite things to do is present all the options you have available for your New Rochelle home.

Sidewalks, decks, walkways, can all be dull and bland, but not when we work with you! Your options include some either simple methods of adding some pizzaz to the property or some elaborate and sophisticated designs that make your home customized on the exterior to match your gorgeous interior.

Outdoor areas for family get togethers are another of our favorite project types because we can envision you enjoying the space during our great summer weather here in New York.

Extra areas like a deck or patio give you more room to entertain guests, but one of the best things is when your also making the area unique. Whether you want to add some granite touches, make some great design with pavers or stained concrete, or create a completely awesome look with concrete molds that will give your patio depth and sophistication, our pro’s can set you up.

Concrete Sidewalks for New Rochelle Home and Businesses

Sidewalks and walkways in New Rochelle are important in many ways. Without them, not only does the exterior of the property look naked, but you’ll have some other issues as well. Walkways and sidewalks help to route walking traffic, keep mud and dirt from getting inside, and provide hard surfaces where you need them.

The problem can come when your existing sidewalks or walkways start to deteriorate. A number of reasons for this can exist, from bad workmanship to just getting aged beyond repair. Since most materials have a limited lifetime, you want to get the longest lasting most durable materials you can find if you want your sidewalks and walkways to last as long as possible.

Durability is a priority when it comes to laying sidewalks or concrete of any kind. The concrete itself needs to be able to resist certain pressures, and it also needs to be able to expand and contract with changing temperatures. Our professionals know just what to do to provide you with concrete walkways that last and stand up to the pressures of nature.


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If you want the very best in New Rochelle concrete sidewalk and walkway services, please give us a call at 718-673-5555 or complete our online request form.