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Eastchester-Sidewalk-Contractor-300x199When you want the best way to really make your property look great, you’ll want to start with great walkways and sidewalks that make your property stand out. You’re not just stuck with options of plain concrete anymore. Your property can wow your visitors with a few simple tweaks to the old concrete sidewalk.

That’s what makes us professionals here at Eden Sidewalk Contractors. We know all the ins and outs of the concrete business and all the options available to you that make your property uniquely beautiful and stand out among the rest.

When you want the most experienced in the business, you’ll want to contact our sidewalk contractors. Don’t settle for a company who can’t give you any unique ideas that will create a fabulous look for your property!

Our professional concrete contractors do more than just sidewalks and walkways, we can also make repairs, set paver stones, create concrete decks and patios, make foundation repairs, install asphalt and blacktop, do masonry work, and provide granite services and granite steps. Why not opt for some decorative concrete?

Custom Concrete Decks & Patios for Eastchester Residents

Your home will look fantastic with a custom concrete patio and deck, and not only will it look great, but it’ll be strong and durable for you as well. We have options too that you may be interested in such as setting pavers or granite steps that create a unique look for your patio and deck areas. Why not opt for some concrete stain as well? It only adds effectively to the outcome of your design.

When you need a concrete sidewalk, you want to be able to trust that it stands up well under pressure, weight, and all the natural conditions that work together to destroy it over time. We provide the best in durable concrete sidewalks and walkways. Using 4500 PSI concrete strength ensures your sidewalks will stand up to heavy use and the expansion and contraction all concrete goes through.

Concrete walkways and sidewalks in Eastchester need to have expansion joints in most cases. Instead of cheap pieces of wood that are often used, your concrete walkways need to endure stresses of expansion and contraction from changing temperatures. Expansion joints made of the correct materials will be durable, stay flexible, and do their work of allowing space for expansion between the slabs. Otherwise, the slabs will grind against one another and eventually crack.

Professional Concrete Services and DOT Compliance in Eastchester

When you work with concrete, you better know what your doing or it will show up sooner or later. Either the concrete will look fine until it’s used and put under pressure or it will also look terrible and not last. Early instances of crumbling, cracking or breaking is a problem when your concrete wasn’t handled right.

That’s why there are so many DOT sidewalk violations in the New York area. You’ll want only professionals who do the job the right way the first time, because fixing those issues isn’t easy. Our professional services include handling all the aspects of repairing your concrete for DOT approval.


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If you want the very best in Eastchester concrete sidewalk and walkway services, please give us a call at 718-673-5555 or complete our online request form.