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Best in Astoria Concrete Services

Astoria Sidewalk ContractorA properly installed sidewalk does more than just provide a safe walking space; it also influences the first impression that your commercial or residential property is going to provide. Due to this, having your sidewalks repaired and installed by a professional sidewalk contractor with years of industry experience is a must ,and you will not find more experienced personnel in Astoria than the team at Eden Sidewalk Contractors. With a strong dedication to quality work and exceptional customer service, you will get results that you can be proud of on each and every job that we perform.

We handle much more than sidewalks, and are also available for a variety of concrete and stone related services. Eden Sidewalk Contractors are experienced in providing masonry, granite services, pavers, driveways, and blacktop services to Astoria clients, all for an affordable price that cannot be beat by the competition. When you need concrete services, make certain you call on the very best at Eden Sidewalk Contractors.


Why You Need 4500 PSI Concrete

Having the right materials is a must and when it comes to concrete this is no exception. 4500 PSI concrete is the bare minimum when it comes to ensuring that your sidewalks don’t crack under the pressure of a cold Astoria winter. Without proper concrete you can be looking at serious damage that may result in hazards, DOT violations, and potentially hefty fines.

Instead of paying fines, make certain that you have your concrete sidewalks and walkways installed with 4500 PSI concrete by turning to the team at Eden Sidewalk Contractors.


Concrete Sidewalks

If your current Astoria sidewalks are looking worn, shattered, and broken, have them replaced or repaired by the industry experts at Eden Sidewalk Contractors. We make certain to approach every job with providing the best quality results as possible in mind, and that starts with our selection of quality concrete, and making sure that we perform all of our installation processes to the highest standards. At Eden Sidewalk Contractors, you can get the best in Astoria concrete services for a price that sets us apart from the competition.


Concrete Walkways

A brand new concrete walkway is sure to boost the appeal of your property; perhaps even boosting the return that you will get on it should you ever choose to sell. When you have your concrete walkways installed, the touch of the professionals at Eden Sidewalk Contractors will help you get the quality results that you are no doubt after. Our team of professionals will be able to provide you with the best options for your Astoria walkways, with a variety of mold pouring, or traditional installation methods.


If you are looking for a Astoria sidewalk contractor then please call 718-673-5555 or complete our online request form.


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